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Stone Sculpture By The Sea

Worlds beautiful stone sculpture

White fright ... taking place from October 16 until November 2, Sculpture by the Sea is Australia's largest annual outdoor exhibition of sculpture.
The free outdoor exhibition, now in its 12th year, stretches for two kilometres along the Bondi coastline.
The display features over 100 sculptures from seven different countries, including this marble sculpture titled New Man.

Mongrel Sculpture Country-Nil Tenur

Gone to the dogs ... six-month-old Maltese puppy Mylo investigates a sculpture titled Mongrel Country-Nil Tenure.

Colorful character Sculpture Statue Art

Colorful character a jogger passes the rendered polymer plaster work The Drifter by Australian artist Stephen Marr.

Stephen King's sculpture Carbon Trading

Give him a hand ... Stephen King's sculpture Carbon Trading.

Colorful sea view Sculpture

Colorful sea view ... Will They See Us? by Ngardarb Francine Riches. some Most Famous Surviving Greek Sculptures

Reflective Sculpture artist Koichi Ishino

Reflective ... Form of Scenery by Japanese artist Koichi Ishino.

Slip, slop, slap Sculpture near sea

Slip, slop, slap ... Tim Kyle's On The Beach shows us the importance of sun screen.

Strange forces Sculpture

Strange forces ... Soldier Scale 1:1 by Ruth Belotti & Steve Rosewell.

Pet portrait Sculpture

Pet portrait ... Lisa Charleston and son Huxley admire the sculpture Every Dog Has its Day.

Walk on sea Sculpture

Walk on Sculpture by ... Phenotype by Tim Wetherell.

Scrabble scramble Sculpture art

Scrabble scramble ... a jogger passes the timber and aluminium work by Australian artist Emma Anna.
Lock it up Sculpture art

Lock it up ... a boy and his dog enjoy the mild steel and bronze work She Thought, by Australian artist Mark McClelland.

High tree Sculpture

High tree ... a woman admires the forged steel and concrete work Fragment, by Australian artist Kevin Draper.

sculpture bronze

Worth the wait ... Waiting by Andy Townsend and Suzie Bleach.

Worlds beautiful stone sculpture gallery

Spiral attraction ... a woman inspects a work by Japanese artist Keizo Ushio

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